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Energy storage systems for home and small business

Storing and using clean energy should be effortless – check ECLIS’ offer of energy storage systems.

Seamless integration and installation

Energy storage systems offered by ECLIS are easy to install and connect with any solar array to create a powerful system that can be managed remotely from any place.

Premium quality

We offer only top products from best global producers – do not experiment with new brands – choose proven solutions from ECLIS’ offer.

Energy storage systems use energy stored throughout the day to power homes and businesses when it is actually needed – therefore increasing the levels of self-consumption which significantly boost the payback period of the whole energy system.

ECLIS provides solutions which are:


By maximazing the use of green energy.

Economically viable

 Lower energy bills and improve the payback period of energy systems.


Because they use the best refrigerants and are sourced from reliable international comapnies.