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products which revolutionize
approach to energy

ECLIS is a fast-growing, polish distributor of clean energy systems.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are devices revolutionizing energy landscape – they are maintenance-free and provide great comfort. But what is most important – they significantly lower the heating costs.


Energy storage systems

Storing and using clean energy should be effortless – check ECLIS’ offer of energy storage systems.



Buffers and hot water tanks optimized for setting up with heat pumps.


The most progressive
distributor of clean energy systems in Poland

ECLIS is the most progressive and modern distributor of clean energy systems in Poland. We are a trusted partner for installers and wholesalers in the whole Central Europe.
Our goal is to offer the most innovative solutions and every project is for us an opportunity to build better, greener future.

We have experience in working with top producers

ECLIS is a new,
powerful player

We introduce the Polish market into a new technology era. Offering the most advanced solutions at the same time taking care of affordable prices and high availability.